Silhouette is a First Person, Story driven Detective Adventure Game currently being developed by Apeirogon. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game will feature a unique story in an alternate reality Earth where you take control of Jim Grayson, a homicide detective hunting an as of yet unknown serial killer whose motives are confusingly unclear.

This demo is only a "proof of concept" prototype and is not fully representative of the final game. There will be a lot more story in the final version but this should give you a good idea of what to expect with the final game.

You can download the demo on Indie DB (zip)
Silhouette Demo 0.2
or GameJolt (exe)
Download on Game Jolt

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Silhouette will release on Early Access this Fall, 2016.

Silhouette Let's Play

SAKsurvivors made a hilarious lets play of the Silhouette Demo so I thought I'd spotlight it on the website: