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Peter has been working as a level designer, mod designer and indie developer since 1999. Silhouette however, is Apeirogon's first project so don't let us tell you if it's good, download the demo now and you be the judge.

PC Games n preview

PC Games n has posted a preview of Silhouette

The preview was very well written and I'm happy to say that overally the game was well received. The writer's only major gripes were that the play time is very short (something that will be addressed with each new update) and - as it was made clear by pretty much everyone who played the first release - the characters' lack of eyes (which I have since remedied).
Be sure to read the full preview here.

Culture Jeu Vidéo preview

Culture Jeu Vidéo - a french gaming magazine - has written an article on Silhouette

Those of you who can read french will find The article in upcoming issue #36 of the magazine on page 19. A rough translation of the article shows that the author though leary at first, quite enjoyed the experience so far and has hopes for the game's future.

    Silhouette is currently worth $4.99 on Steam. At the time of writing, it would be a risky title to bet on to tell the truth, it's at a stage where it can still stand out or on the contrary, definitely fall into obscurity. Let's say for the sake of the title to propose what is hardly an embryo of a game whose goal is to marry a walking simulator with an investigation game. Silhouette opens on a crime scene where the victim, wearing a virtual reality helmet, seems to have spent too much time on his sofa escaping into other universes to the point of forgetting the real world that he lives in. It could be seen as a tragic case of extreme negligence if the man in question wasn't attached to his sofa. The player is then invited to search the place for clues. Quite like a game of L.A. Noire but where every object is physics based with amusing collision detection, we are content to simply empty the cupboards. Open drawers and scrutinize every corner of the apartment to discover six objects which allow us to proceed to the next level. Sadly, logic is simply abandoned. Another more curious, decision is that the characters in the world are all missing proper eyes which takes away from the life of the characters. The next level which is basically a dialogue sequence at the morgue with the medical examiner, plays mostly the same as the first mission. Thereafter however is where Silhouette arrives, to tickle our interest during a mission that takes place at an abandoned service station in the middle of a cornfield. Despite the poverty technique, an atmosphere is established and there is this very nice idea which consists of locating a body by noticing the crows circling above. A body whose staging recalls the series True Detective, giving us hope that the game will retain this eerie ambience. The title, in the end, bears his name well. We guess the outlines of what the game could be when completed; even if this silhouette is only a mirage, the fantasized representation of a game that will never exist.

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